Marginalized people all over the world struggle to survive.

Your year end gift to Project Shovel-Ready will help launch six new projects bringing hope to those suffering.
Easily mobilize a team to Brussels, Belgium today!

Ensure that students across Europe are no longer turned away from quality theological education at CTS due to lack of space! 
Build hope
Reality is setting in. There is no going back. Global instability and chaos are the new normal.
Without your generosity, the marginalized in communities around the world might miss their opportunity to find hope.

God’s supply chain is not broken. Boundless hope is being delivered to suffering people in need all over the world
Thanks to your generosity through Project Shovel-Ready …
  • ​Effective ministry leaders serving the marginalized are further empowered to help even more people! 
  • Projects are moving forward and will continue to completion without delay. 
*Names have been changed for sensitivity and security purposes.
Let me tell you a story about Pastor Dev* and his wife, Navi*:

Their church is making a huge impact, reaching the lost in Northern India. 

They have an incredible women’s empowerment program, teaching ladies to sew and make handicrafts to support their families.

The church also has a fund to help women start their businesses, and once they earn an income, they pay the fund back. 

Meera* attended their sewing classes and utilized this fund to open a tailor shop in her community. 

Not only are the women learning to provide for their families, but they are learning about the love of Jesus!
With your help, this church outreach center is now under construction and will be the only church bringing hope to this community of 6 million people in Northern India, where Christians face severe persecution.
To the marginalized, we say …
“We hear your cry for help, and you are not alone. To the isolated, you belong. To the invisible, we see you. You deserve a safe place to find hope.”

When you give to Project Shovel-Ready…

  • Women are empowered with new skills to better serve their families.
  • Children have access to education.
  • Orphans receive medical and dental care.
  • Girls have a safe place to live free from their abuser.
  • Marginalized people around the world have a place to find hope.
Our worldwide fellowship is almost 70 million strong, and God is moving in these perilous times. 
Thanks to the incredible resourcefulness of our diverse international partners, the work continues despite global challenges.

Project Shovel-Ready projects completed in 2022!

  • ​Five churches finished in Uruguay!
  • ​Six churches finished in Panama!
  • ​Seven churches finished in Honduras!
  • ​Ukraine Refugee Center in Katowice, Poland - Now open and serving up to 60 refugees per night!
  • ​Honduras Transformation Project - Dedicated and now training pastors who are taking the gospel to unreached indigenous communities.
  • ​Home of Hope Orphanage - Medical & Dental Clinic - Dedicated and now serving the children of the home with much needed services.
Project Shovel-Ready ensures marginalized people around the world have a place to find hope.
Would you consider a year-end gift toward Project Shovel-Ready to help launch six new projects? 
Every gift makes a difference! Your giving will be leveraged as you invest along with a number of giving partners called to the same purpose.

Your generosity will help launch the following new projects as we stand with our missionary and national church partners helping the marginalized and moving the gospel forward, despite global challenges.

Kosovo - The Hope Center
Reaching this Muslim city of 90,000 with a children’s outreach and feeding center for the poor.

Sri Lanka - Navinna Church
Standing with this congregation to help finish their sanctuary as they face a nationwide economic collapse and severe persecution by radical Buddhist monks.

Nicaragua - Casa de mi Gloria Church
Partnering with this powerful church-planting congregation reaching the lost in the second poorest country in the western hemisphere to get them out of a tent!

Spain - Missionary Respite House
Providing a place for missionaries serving in difficult areas to find refreshment and restoration so they can continue successfully serving in the face of often desperate challenges.

Albania - Durres Church
In a nation where 99% of the population has never heard the gospel, this church reaches their community with an after-school program and feeding and medical programs.

Honduras - The Lord of Hosts Church
Reaching 100 children per week, this growing congregation currently meets under a borrowed 4-post structure with a tin roof and needs help getting into their first permanent church facility.
Yes! I want to launch six new projects with my year-end 
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building Hope for the marginalized.
"Our Project Life Certified Seal means you can have confidence knowing you are helping where HOPE is needed most."
Project Shovel-Ready projects have been thoroughly vetted through our Project Life certification process. This means your generous contributions and mission teams will be highly effective in moving this project forward to completion

Ryan Moore, CEO

"Your year-end gift will launch six new projects and build hope for the marginalized and suffering in communities around the world! Will you help our missionary partners as we build places where marginalized people find hope?"

Thank you for considering a year-end gift to help launch these six new projects and build hope for the marginalized and suffering in communities around the world!!

"Let’s build hope by giving to PROJECT SHOVEL-READY projects" - Ryan Moore

Together we build PLACES where people find HOPE!
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